stick a fork in me.

i’m done.

elie saab’s fall/winter 2011 collection has resulted in my inability to breathe.
oh my gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress.

elie saab fall 2001 --- one
elie saab fall 2011 -- two.
elis saab fall 2011 --- three.
elie saab fall 2011 -- four.
elie saab fall 2011 --- five.
elie saab fall 2011 -- six.

hyperventilating yet? it will be ok, just breathe through your nose.
and then go see the full collection here.

One response to “stick a fork in me.

  1. Havent visited for awhile… you are still bringing inspiration… love these dresses.. so wonderfully feminine!
    Thought of you this morning when I was looking at Would love to do some of these on my own… you think I could pulll that off?
    Aunt Wobin

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