{www} roots.

taking root. blossoming. growing where you’re planted. it’s seems i’m taking these words to heart these days as my calendar for the month of october is currently crammed full of goodness. so much in fact that i’m starting to wonder when i’ll get it all done.

with that said, i apologize in advance if the sweet blog here is neglected for a few days at a time — just know how thankful i am for you guys & this little piece of cyberspace you all so kindly let me fill up with random loves. i assure you i will be popping in and out as much as possibly can!

in the meantime, here’s to growing where we’re planted and loving the life we’re so blessed to live…. love, M.

2 responses to “{www} roots.

  1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your beautiful life filled October. You always inspire others… today it is to LOVE life….Miss you and Johnny… LOVE YOU BOTH… Aunt Wobin

    • and we LOVE you right back…incredibly blessed to have you as an aunt…i dare say no others could top you (:

      AND, i checked out Red Letter Words and you could absolutely do something like that on your own — the trick is to use stick-on stencil letters to make the words look crisp! Once you put those on a canvas/piece of word you can do whatever you like as a paint-treatment, let it dry and then peel off the letters!

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