moving in…

i don’t know what you fine folks have planned for your weekends, but i think it’s pretty safe to say none of you are moving in with 5 kids…am i correct?

i am. yep, you read correctly, for the next 72 hours i’ll be hanging out with those 5 sweet kiddos above and doing my best to make sure we all come out on the other side of this weekend in one piece (: — here’s to Madison moving in!

so wherever you are & whatever you’re up to this weekend, i hope it’s magnificent & full of glorious fall weather!  joys galore, M.

2 responses to “moving in…

  1. Well, one thing’s for sure.. they are in for a great weekend. What a blessing you must be to these kids.. Maybe the little one would like our “Little Red Box” song… Aunt Wobin

  2. Oh Miss I just know the SIX of you will have tons of fun this weekend. I agree with Aunt Wobin that you are surely a blessing to them (and to their parents!!!!). And I know blessings will be returned back to you. So proud of you my child!

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