tuesday tunes: hibernation.

wowzers, it seems like forever since i’ve been on the back end of this blog…and only because it has been. for the last 5 days i’ve been in NC spending time with my best friend and my family, and i honestly can not tell you how much i needed that break.

i’ve been told i’m a control freak when it comes to how i use my time. planning each day down to the minute & committing to anything and everything someone asks of me often leads me to “breaking points” — after a wonderful, but very hectic 3 weeks, i was nearing one such breaking point last week. a pre-planned trip home to carolina arrived just in the nick of time & i am beyond thankful for the time i had to step away from routines & schedules and just be. you could say it was a bit like a brief hibernation and one that’s returned me to nashville very much rejuvenated.

what else is rejuvenating? why music, of course. below i offer you a few new tunes on this fine tuesday!

boyce avenue: acoustic cover of faithfully by journey.

the fray: heartbeat. (so pumped for their new album!)

florence + the machine: shake it out. (also pumped for flo’s new album too.)

ella mae bowen: holding out for a hero.

see ya real soon (:

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