tuesday tunes: coldplay.

i’ve been what i’ll call a “middle of the road” fan of coldplay for several years. all of their chart-topping singles have at one time or another been on heavy rotation in my itunes library… “fix you” in particular reminds me of coming home from africa & gives me goosebumps nearly every time i hear it. but never have i been super enthusiastic about one of coldplay’s albums as a whole because, if i may be frank, they’ve always seemed a little doom and gloom to me.

and then came mylo xyloto, the band’s long-awaited 5th album, and quite suddenly i find i’m no longer in the middle of the road. the album, which according to lead singer chris martin is “based on a love story with a happy ending,” has a surprisingly upbeat feel…and to that i say, finally.

a few of my favorites for your listening ears….

paradise: this one has been on repeat, repeat, repeat…

us against the world: one must always have a solid ballad…

princess of china: easily the first time i’ve ever liked rhianna’s voice…

charlie brown: light a fire, light a flame, light a fire, a flame in my heart…

and now i will be adding “see coldplay live” to my to-do list for 2012 (:

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