{www} adios fear.

there are moments in my life (ok, i’ll be honest…more like every-other-day) where i find myself coming down with a severe case of avoidance — which most often directly stems from another nastier illness: fear of failure.

i can reason with myself till the cows come home about the importance of “taking a leap” or “diving headfirst with your eyes closed,” yet i can never quite manage to make it to the edge of the cliff. and yes, i’ve got that whole “eyes not quite closed” thing down pat. i am ridiculously afraid of failure…so much so that i often avoid doing something in order to avoid what i predict will ultimately end in failure.

that didn’t make sense, did it? in short, there are two key words: avoidance & failure. those two words stink. and it’s about time to make a serious effort at removing their stinch from my life.

how exactly? mmm, i haven’t quite gotten that far yet, though i’m sure a list of goals will somehow be involved — i do love a post-it.

so watch out all you cliffs, this fumbling fool with her eyes squeazed tight is coming for you….prepare yourselves for one heck-of a swan dive.

3 responses to “{www} adios fear.

  1. Cheering you on as you step up to the cliffs. And praying Colossians 1:9-13 over you as a blessing on all that God has for you to do.

  2. DO! LOVE! WALK! (or in this case “swan dive off cliffs”). “Avoidance” and “failure” are not words of the One who holds your future and He will provide His fumbling fool everything she needs to remove them from her life. I believe in you!

  3. right on Mrs. Mom!! πŸ™‚ and Robin!! πŸ™‚ Thank you sweet Maddie for this post. The timing is more significant than you may ever know even if I explained it all. Very specific to my week and especially yesterday. I’ve been attacked strong by the enemy lately with unbelievable and unruly amounts of stress, anxiety, fear, worry and panic. Almost to the point of tears and/or having to catch my breath. Yet each day there’s also been a still small reminder that my Father is the one who holds me. I’m gonna run toward that “cliff” with all might might and put my trust in my Father.

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