7 little words.

friends, the day has finally arrived, i’m owning up to an “app” obsession…or shall we call it an appsession? (<– oh my, was that trying too hard?)

i present to you 7 little words. i’m blaming jenna and janae for introducing me to this little gem — though i do have to defend them (& myself)  a bit by saying it’s not the worst app to become obsessed with. it simulates the mind & improves one’s vocabulary…or it does if you play it enough. wink.

essentially it’s a riddle/crossword/word-search all wrapped up into one. the first set of puzzles — they come in sets of 30 — is free once you download the app & from there each new set of 30 is $.99. i may have completed the first batch of 30 in one night. oops.

proceed with caution.
download at your own risk.
you’ve been warned.
etc etc etc.

happy friday (:

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