{dream room} going up.

i loved growing up in a house with stairs…particularly on those days when the bro and i would grab our sleeping bags to go for a “ride” down and end up sprawled out on the kitchen floor. or how about tip-toeing down them early christmas morning to see what santa left. or the countless times i plopped down on the bottom step to lace up my tennis shoes for a walk with mom (never mind that a chair was 3 feet away…).

stairs got me from my room to my parents room on nights i couldn’t sleep. stairs creaked softly under my brother’s feet letting me know he was home safe after a night out with friends. stairs carried momma’s voice up calling us for dinner. stairs proved the perfect perch for phone dates with daddy on nights he was out of town.

in short: stairs rock…so why not give them a little extra love and attention?

need i even explain why these make my heart go pitter patter?

looking oh-so-forward to making a few trips up and down my sweet stairs when i go home next week…yay home, yay turkey, yay stairs.

2 responses to “{dream room} going up.

  1. I must say you would have enjoyed seeing your daddy on the stairs that will hopefully mean as much to Asher and Ellis as yours did to you. I’ve thought about them being upstairs and not so close to their parents… this has given me a whole new view of the stairs awaiting them this weekend.. Yay new home… Yay stairs!

  2. A favorite pic = Miss and Lad, footed pajamas, and “softies”. Yah stairs! Yah Thanksgiving! Yah Miss and Lad home and making a few trips up and down THE STAIRS!!!!

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