a sweet little story worthy of 3 min of your time. meet shannon & pete and their photobooth romance.

seriously, you must read the story…found: here.

two thumbs up for pete. i applaud him for his wonderful creativity & overall nervousness…both are pretty darn precious.

but now after reading the above cutesy story i’m realizing i’ve never in my life taken photos in a photobooth. pitiful. please forgive me if you are in fact the (un)lucky soul with me the next time i spot a booth as you will likely be joining me in the making of silly faces…fish faces required.

3 responses to “photobooth.

  1. Beautiful ring! And Miss – I did not realize you had never had the pleasure of a photo both experience – can’t wait to see those fish faces when you do.

  2. All I can say to this is… you had your own personal photo booth with Davis on your lap on Thanksgiving. He got a pretty good pic of you with fish face… Still trying to get to making a Smilebox for you to enjoy and remember that moment!

  3. Another comment after reading their precious.. she seems totally cute and I just laughed out loud at the ring pictures and how excited she was to showcase it!

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