tuesday tunes: the clefs.

fact: madison loves acapella music…so you could say it’s a mighty fine thing her beloved alma mater has one of the finest acapella groups in the country.

the clefs’ fall and spring concerts are big events in chapel hill…and now thanks to youtube, this alumna enjoyed their fall 2011 concert (and took a walk down memory lane) all the way from nashville.

yellow: that strapping young lad doing chris martin proud is my pal walt. he & i have had our fair share of good times at the chocolate factory…working with someone who is hilarious AND can sing is a definite perk (: so proud!

crazy love: well dang. can’t really say much more. (only that i still love darling hogan’s version)

wagon wheel: headed down south to the land of the pines, thumbin’ my way to north carolina….happy, happy heart.

and so it goes: quite simply stunning.

they’re pretty incredible, yes? so says the completely biased fan.

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