i think dianna agron, the portrayer of wanna-be tough girl but complete softy, quinn fabray on glee, is one stellar individual. she’s one of the few “celebs” i legitimately would love to be friends with and actually feel like could be were our paths ever to cross.

she’s approachable. she’s real. and she has splendid taste in all things creative and inspiring…art, music, books…so on and so forth. so when she started her new website this week i, among many, was pumped.

another source of daily goodness…yes, please.

taking into consideration my excitement for the new site & overall respect for ms. d, you can imagine my utter astonishment when one of the first ever posts on the daily inspirations page came from THIS VERY BLOG. dying.

i have no idea how the intertwined webs of cyberspace made that happen. and i don’t really care. i’ll just smile like a cheeseball & be ridiculously excited by it.

but hey, aren’t the cheeseball moments what life’s all about?

coincidental? perhaps. so cool? totally.


One response to “coincidentally.

  1. The things you share are so thought provoking and worthy of attention… don’t think it is ever going to be coincidental that you make an impact on someone’s heart…

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