tuesday tunes: adios two thousand eleven.

dear friends, i have resigned myself to the fact that i will never be able to keep up with the passage of time…the harder i try, the faster it blows past me. in all seriousness, where did the last half of 2011 go? just last week it was july and yet today i find myself struggling to convince my brain 1/3/12 are in fact the correct numbers.

is anyone else as baffled by the sudden onset of a new year? or was i the only one 2012 decided to surprise-attack from behind?

whether you welcomed 2012 head-on or slammed into it haphazardly like yours truly, i hope you all were able to bid farewell to 2011 celebrating with those you love most. i was tucked away in NC with precious friends and family for the final days of last year…no computer, no work, no distractions…perfection. and because i didn’t touch my computer for 5 days, this post intended for pre-2012 is happening now…oops.

music is a major part of who i am. it makes me tick, makes me think, inspires me, leaves me speechless…a melody or chorus or single line of a song will plant itself in my heart and grow roots. many of the songs that follow did just that, helping make 2011 one dandy year for music.

2011: music by the months.

january: james vincent mcmorrow, we don’t eat. this song & i had many a moment together…now nearly a year later & it hasn’t lost a single iota of goodness. 

february: the civil wars, c’est la mort / i want you back. bless’em and their gorgeous, gorgeous harmonies.

march: adele, set fire to the rain / turning tables / someone like you. let’s be real, adele owned 2011. it was her year. her album. her voice. these just happen to be my top 3.

april: foster the people, pumped up kicks. still kicking myself for not seeing these guys the two times they were in nashville this year. fail & fail.  the lyrical content on this one is quite bizarre but so darn catchy….adore.

may: parachute, what i know. it’s only fair the mocha club staff support one of our beloved mocha club artists by listening to their music…and boy did we. someone had the fellas new album playing daily for weeks. yours truly enjoyed contributing this particular tune…

june: ingrid michaelson, turn to stone. i fell instantly in love with this song after this dance rocked my world. AND mumford & sons, lover’s eyes…total “eyes filled with tears” moment when i experienced this one live.

july: bon iver, perth. this lovely little tune is in a class all its own. instrumentals, percussion, vocals. perfection, perfection, perfection.

august: mat kearney, ships in the night. i once listened to this baby 17 times in one day…yessir, it might top the “most played” list this year.

september: needtobreathe, white fences. however, the above song might just be beaten out by this beauty. needtobreathe’s new album, the reckoning,  was hands down the musical highlight of my year…love. those. boys…even now, over 3 months later, nary a day goes by without me listening to this song (and the entire album).

october: needtobreathe, keep your eyes open. yep, october was still very much a needtobreathe month & this charming little anthem was perfect for fall days and driving with the windows down. AND the middle east, blood.  such a soothing song…it sang me to sleep on more than one occasion.

november: coldplay, paradise. a solid new album from coldplay with many a fantastic tune…this one, my personal favorite, proved to be a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up at the office.

december: fun, we are young. had you been riding shotgun with me during my many hours on the road this month you would undoubtedly know this song by heart…and heard me belt it one too many times. so let’s set this world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun.

2011 was a stellar year for music.
beyond pumped to see what 2012 has in store.


One response to “tuesday tunes: adios two thousand eleven.

  1. May I remind you HOW MUCH i love your taste in music?

    I LOVE your music updates. 🙂

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