tuesday tunes: ben howard.

oh me, oh my, i’ve fallen hard for an english boy. his name is ben howard, he’s 23 with shaggy brown hair and a surfer’s swag… i’m positively smitten.

with his voice, of course.

making a name for himself all over europe in 2011, ben’s music started trickling into the US the latter part of last year and i (blissfully) stumbled across his voice while watching a video about a family adopting from africa. love when that happens.

ben & i haven’t been apart much over the last week and i don’t see any signs of separation on the horizon — and although i would love to keep him to myself, that would be quite rude. here’s to practicing the art of sharing. no thanks necessary.

i’ll be talking about ben at the end of 2012…just you wait and see.

old pine: can’t. get. enough.

old pine acoustic: we see you, lefty.

only love: such a solid groove to this one. [side note: several hundred fans surprised ben during the recording. his attempt to maintain composure = precious.] 

keep your head up: a little soul. a touch of rock.

**and can we PUHLEASE talk about that slide. holy cow, i want it in my life.**

gracious: sitting with a cup of tea, listening to this one on repeat…stunner.

murmurs of a US tour have already started circulating. i will see him live.

let the online stalking commence.

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