weekend jams.

much of my saturday was spent doing laundry, organizing my finances and cleaning out the pantry — i know, i know…i promise  i am 23 almost 24, not nearing retirement age as my choice of activities might indicate.

but lazy, uneventful saturdays make for some of my favorite days if only for the sole purpose of cranking up the tunes and getting things done…and this saturday i did just that.

give me love – ed sheeran: obsessed. obsessed. obsessed. 

concrete wall – zee avi (RAC mix): love zee’s voice and the brilliance of RAC’s remixes.

we found love – glee cover: i watch glee. and like it. don’t hate.

same mistakes – one direction: it’s highly likely the 5 lads in this british-irish boy band have yet to reach puberty…but the n’sync loving teeny-bopper in me still loves a good boy band song every once in a while.

i wanna dance with somebody – ms. houston: no explanation needed.

happy monday to you.

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