white flag.

several weeks ago i had the incredible pleasure of spending the weekend in atlanta with two of my most treasured friends, ashley and ellen. we went to an phenomenal farmer’s market, we cooked yummy food, we watched carolina basketball, we talked and talked some more…it was a gloriously simple weekend and one my heart definitely needed. simply being in the presence of precious friends is one of the greatest gifts.

while in atlanta i attended passion city church with ashley (have you heard of the passion conferences held each year? ) and we sang the song below, white flag, the main anthem written for 2012’s passion conference held back in january.

friends, all that i am reacted to this song. i can’t be sure, but i may have even been physically glowing. in the past two weeks i dare say i’ve listened to it again another 100+ times…such an incredible reminder of God’s ultimate victory and the precious gift of being able to wave our own white flag each and every day.

we raise our white flag. we surrender all to You…

One response to “white flag.

  1. Heard this song on my drive to Greensboro this morning. Found myself turning the radio up and singing loudly. Love it!

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