{www} open road.

open road by austin kleon.

i’m approaching the “one week away” mark of my upcoming trip to NC and the ants in my pants have started dancing. whenever it gets close to time for me to hop on a plane or hit the road i find i don’t sit quite as still at my desk (not that i ever do that too well) or form as many coherent thoughts in the days preceding a trip. i am a 5-year-old kid going to disney world. i get that excited.

i also have the propensity to start dreaming up future trips and adventures — possible trips on the horizon include: new orleans w. b (we will rock our fake glasses, guaranteed) & a springtime jaunt to the mountains w. jordan & my twin to see the fray. and those are only getting me through march and april.

ah yes, i am a nomad at heart.

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