tuesday tunes: fun.

fun’s hit song “we are young” capped off my songs of 2011 as my favorite tune for december…perhaps you might remember me telling you i listened to it a bazillion times on my 7 hr drive home for christmas?

the trio released their second full length album, some nights, last week & i finally got around to listening to it yesterday…and boy did i listen to it. though i didn’t keep an accurate count of how many times the album cycled, i would venture to say 7 times through might be a pretty good estimate.

some nights: the first song of an album is a make or break moment…it’s the crucial first impression. as for this song, well let’s just say i was smitten within 2 seconds and completely sold by the time the drums kick in at the at the :36 mark.

all alright: an anthem-esque chorus backed with a children’s choir and heavy strings…yes, please.

out on the town: this one makes me seriously happy despite the fact it’s about losing someone. irony + a killer drum line = madison’s favorite.

we are young: oh ya know, just a little reminder for your ears.

go have yourself some fun today.

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