even though i just celebrated my 24th birthday this past weekend, (a proper recap of the festivities will come later) i still very much feel like a kid at heart…yes, this might be due in large part to the fact that i spend a lot of time with children born after 2005…but i also think it has something to do with how easily enamored i am by the life that goes on around me.

code for: sister is easily distracted. an excellent example = the following videos.

what happens when you put ping pong balls and tambourines and leather belts inside the body of a piano? — greatness happens. volker bertlemann and his “prepared” piano currently have me mesmerized.

here’s to never losing the childlike wonder inside our grown-up hearts.

One response to “ping-pong.

  1. Robin Williams

    You have indeed shared an important thought here Madison. I spent 27 years with five year olds and it really does help you keep your “young at heart” perspective. Keep that kind of heart and you can say like myself, age 60, I still don’t feel older when my birthdays come.

    Childlike wonder…I keep a glass marble in my kitchen window…Heard a message at church once titled “Have you lost your marvel?” This keeps me reminded not to lose the marvel and wonder of God’s beautiful world.

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