march second.

birthday weekend goodness.

nashville –> raleigh –> home.
my twin & my bff in tow.
an icedream in hand.

afternoon tea w. hales + a basket full of goodies.
cheery nail polish. jesus calling. and an elephant mug from kenya.
does she know me? or does she know me?

my favorite meal w. my favorite people.
said favorites: mom, dad, buzz & chels.
and a cookie cake, of course.

my favorite band.
the world’s most perfect seats.
quite possibly the best show of my life.

best friends.
staying up way too late.
steady streams of tears from endless laughter.

favorite beer. live commentating courtesy of dad.
WIN. WIN. what a glorious WIN.

sunday lunch w. justin.
shiki sushi heaven w. brother bear.
house searching & hot tea w. chels.
and finally…

one missed flight.
one cat-nap at gate 26.
one stand-by flight to baltimore.
one order of arby’s curly fries for lunch.
one flight to nashville.

and that was that.
24th birthday weekend = greatness from start to finish.

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