who am i? now that’s a fairly easy question to answer…i am madison. i am a daughter, sister, friend, etc. etc. etc. — we are who we are based largely on those around us and the “roles” we fill in the lives of others.

what am i? not quite so easy to answer. what i am is what’s left after people and roles and responsibilities are taken away…it’s the guts and gunk and golden nuggets of me, myself and i. when i’m not a daughter/sister/friend, what is left? thinking about the answer to this question in this current moment of life (tuesday night. 11:00 pm. tucked in bed)…well, let’s just say what’s left is not so pretty.

what am i?  answer: confused. cranky. stubborn. anxious. and if you add in a dash of envy and toss in a handful of laziness then you’ve got the current state of me pretty much nailed.

things aren’t lookin’ to beautiful, aye?

it’s obvious tonight what i am is a little (or a lot) more gunk than gold…but thankfully the what i am isn’t set in stone and beautiful days are mine for the taking. tomorrow is a new day and the who i am will undoubtedly make the what i am much more appealing — being surrounded by amazing people makes it pretty near impossible to live a less than beautiful life.

falling asleep tonight mighty thankful for each and every one of you i get to call “mine.”

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