it happened…


“it” being the disappearance of time into thin air. we’re already edging in on the end of the month & yet yours truly is still having to remind herself it’s already march — in short: madison is struggling.

and how do i know i’m struggling? well let’s take a look at the number of blog posts for the month of march…yep, i think we’re at a whopping 6. pitiful. but between 2 weekend trips to NC, a 3-day visit from the best friend, lots of time spent w. cute kiddos, CAROLINA BASKETBALL/march madness and no internet connection this past weekend, here we are…21 days down, 10 more to go.

and i have high hopes. march is pretty much my favorite month of the year so i can’t completely let the month go to waste without giving the blog some proper love and attention!

so here we go. who’s with me?

One response to “it happened…

  1. With you all the way! I’ve missed reading your wonderfully written words.

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