monday funday: let the games begin.

happiness from a lovely start to the week.

i finally went to see the hunger games last night. i say finally because i made myself wait an entire week before venturing to a theater — if you don’t already know this about me, i strongly dislike seeing movies in crowded theaters as it stresses me out when people talk throughout a movie. i also very much love the anonymity that comes with seeing a movie without tons of people around….with the hype leading up to the premiere of the hunger games, seeing a showing anytime during opening week was simply not an option.

but i saw it last night. and loved it. i would have loved it even more could it have been 4 hrs  long and captured a little (lot) more of the book’s detail — but that’s just me.

what else do i love? this e-card. hilarious.

needtobreathe: keep your eyes open. these gentlemen aren’t much for music videos but if ever they were going to make one, this is totally their style. catch the full video here.

i have a serious crush on cute ties of both the bow & neck varieties…and forage has it going on. vintage with a twist. fresh colors, simple packaging, and just the right amount of “quirk.” — yepppp, this would be an excellent time to be a boy.

rah, rah Carolina-lina!

’tis almost the season for farmer’s markets & road side stands. hooray. a fresh salad proved to be the perfect lunch.

i still find myself tensing up when balloons are around…and yes, before you ask, i’m the weirdo who covers her ears if i think one is about to pop…but my (tiny) fear of balloons aside, this wall display is just glorious! — and while i love the randomness of this collection, one could get really creative using a color scheme / pattern. 

who wants to have a party so i can experiment? — better question: who wants to volunteer to blow up the balloons? not a skill yours truly has ever mastered.

forward march. tuesday, let’s see what you’re working with.

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