it would do us all some good to check a few things off this list…

’tis the season to let the inner kid in you lead the way…and don’t worry mom, lad & i won’t flood the flower bed in attempts to start our own pizza (mudpie) business. ps: thanks for not telling dad when we did that as kiddos!

2 responses to “childlike.

  1. Robin Williams

    Never knew about your entrepreneurship as a child… made me laugh out loud. Your mom and I used to think holly berry bushes provided our money for pretend play… leaves for dollars and the red berries for coins. Thanks for the reminder to live a little. We never get too old for that..

  2. Oh Miss, thank you for taking me down a childhood memory lane – pretending, running barefoot , playing in the rain , catching fireflies in a jar and punching holes in the top – making mudpies – And Miss, I bet Pops would run the water in the flowerbed for you and Lad to make mudpies these days – he has mellowed quite a bit you know!!!!

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