may first.

april showers bring may flowers…friends, may with all of its flowers is officially upon us.

i’ll be the first to admit april was a strange month for me & i for one wasn’t too upset to see it go. — don’t get me wrong, there were some downright fantastic days and many wonderful moments, but as a whole the month simply felt off. subsequently i took a break from the blog and backed away from technology quite a bit over the last few weeks…sometimes ya just need a breather, agreed?

but now may is here and i’m ready to hang out with my dear ‘ol blog on a regular basis once more. to keep myself accountable i’m challenging myself to post every day during the month of may. in order to keep the challenge from becoming a burden i’ll be keeping the posts short, sweet and simple — a pretty picture or two, a song i can’t get enough of, a killer piece of art, etc. etc. etc.

may is all about garnering new inspiration and keeping life colorful. each day we’ll see what blooms here in this little piece of cyberspace and by the time june rolls around we shall have gathered ourselves quite the bouquet!

One response to “may first.

  1. So glad you’re back and looking forward to seeing what blooms in your May blog!

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