may eleventh.

thousands of letters.
hundreds of words.
one litograph.

alice in wonderland.

moby dick.

harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

peter pan.

litograph (n): print / image created from the texts of classic books.



may tenth.

a little whimsy goes a long way.

a little imagination inspires the world.

{sweet caine made me tear up. what a stud.}

a little hope saves a precious boy’s life & incites a parade.

{big surprise, sweet rodrick made me tear up too.}

may ninth.

austin kleon: newspaper blackout.


may eighth.

summer has yet to arrive & already i’m looking forward to fall.
but then again, fall is my favorite.

lauren moffatt, fall 2012.

may seventh.

cannot get enough of this fantastic tune.

may sixth.

spicing up life with a little color in the kitchen.

it would seem as if i’m a fan of the blues and greens.
yes, yes and yes to all of the above.

may fifth.

pop a golden squat.

i do so love the cheeky glamor of this splendid eames chair.