can you guess the iconic TV shows behind these graphic prints by re:design? hint: most of these “iconic” shows aired within the last decade.

[answers are hidden below each image…highlight w. cursor to reveal answer]


sex & the city.


mad men.

see the complete series here.



i haven’t managed to find enough time recently to get my nose stuck in a good book…lame, i know…though i do currently have a stack of 4 books, with topics ranging from the world’s financial crisis to ernest hemingway’s beloved boat, stacked beside my bed; if i don’t start reading them soon they might join forces and attack me while i sleep.

i digress.

for the book lovers among us, thatcher wine, founder of juniper books,  creates custom, personalized book jackets to pretty up your favorite reads and turn them into works of art for display…from elephants to sherlock, and jane austen to harry potter.

and how ridiculously inventive is this display thatcher & co produced for the green room at this year’s academy awards — book jackets made to look like a film strip = SO perfect. 

the perks of being a wallflower.

ahhhh, so excited for this film!!

and yay for an imagine dragons tune used in the trailer!

may thirty first.

kids never cease to amaze me.

lennon & maisy have me utterly speechless…12 & 8 years old…unreal.

and i just want isaac ryan brown to be my child. 

all that matters is you comin’ from your heart…issac, my heart is yours.

may thirtieth.

these make me oh-so-happy.

{viktor hertz}

may twenty eighth / twenty ninth.

i just laughed/bawled/squealed my way through this.

what a darling man & precious family/friends…that’s love, folks.

may twenty sixth.

the lumineers have quickly become my weekend soundtrack.